AI is getting good. Like, really good! There's no reason why you can't use it as part of your content strategy. I wouldn't suggest AI being your entire strategy, but it can certainly prop up your efforts and help you break through writer's block.

No shit, the content below - including the conclusion, and even the page title and meta description - is entirely written by AI without any edits and explains why AI should be your next content writer.

What is AI content?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines and software, enabling them to perform tasks and make decisions independently. At its simplest level, AI works by pre-programming predefined responses to questions and allowing the computer to answer your questions from the web without you ever speaking to the machine.

You never need to write code for AI to perform. AI can even use a neural network (A simple algorithm that can be used for computer processing or data extraction) to write in certain ways (excited, professional and funny, for example), identify certain patterns, draw insights and even answer specific questions. Essentially, AI acts as a scaffold for your content, as it organises your content writing process into an automated and efficient process.

Why AI is your next content writer

AI is now offering a unique opportunity to make better content. The main advantage of using this type of technology is that it is like a human translator. You can collaborate with the people that you want to create content with and explain to them how the content will be relevant to their online audience. Also, it can be used to moderate the content that is already created. Sometimes you might come across content that could cause a negative impact on your online presence.

With AI, you can turn the situation around and turn the story into a good one. It is important to create content that your visitors will respond to based on their search queries. Just a few queries will help you learn a lot about them and improve the quality of your content.

How AI can help with content creation

Artificial intelligence can help you to make better content, whether it is a chatbot, the optimization of your content to cater to niche groups or writing blog posts in English.

With the right combination of language and context, AI can improve the quality of your content and help you to make your brand heard. You can also automate work like writing and editing. This helps to improve efficiency and help you to focus on more important tasks. Content marketing has played a major role in boosting a business and brand visibility. The integration of artificial intelligence can be a game-changer for you.

The benefits of AI content writing

There is no doubt that online content is highly competitive. It has reached a saturation point, and any medium that can produce content that is better than the rest is most welcome.

Whether you are a student or an adult, a content writing career offers you unlimited opportunities to excel and grow. The benefits of AI-based content writing have never been more clear than they are right now. AI content writing can be executed with relative ease. The solution to your problem lies in the code and the AI tool that you can use. You can start creating content with zero experience and little ability to write.


If you think content is the key to online success, you are right. But you cannot achieve this without the right tools. The good news is that you can start preparing yourself for this exciting new world by understanding what content is and what you need to do to create better content.

Real Conclusion

OK, back to my own writing now.

This technology is powerful. I've created a new blog category which will be the new home for my content about AI. I'll be writing some new posts soon to explain how to take advantage of AI for content writing, as well as some ideas of how you can use it to prop up your own content efforts, including:

  • Creating social media posts
  • Blog writing
  • Coming up with blog post ideas
  • Pushing through writers block with some paragraph outlines and ideas
  • Creating briefs for writers
  • Creating how-to guides
  • Creating content for landing pages
  • Writing product and category descriptions for eCommerce
  • & more

I'll also be covering which AI tools to use based on my own testing. Keep an eye out!