5 Financial Mistakes Solopreneurs Make When Starting A Business
It’s easy to fall into making financial mistakes when you’re running a business by yourself without a second pair of eyes on the numbers. Here’s how to avoid five key financial challenges solopreneurs often face when growing their companies.
Convey scarcity, authority in campaigns | YouGov
By Matt Janaway on Business 2 Community, 2nd June 2021
Which Social Media Channels See the Most ROI? [New Data + Expert Tips]
Learn which channels provided marketers with the highest ROI in 2023 — plus tips from experts to improve success across your own channels.
SEO Ranking Factor #1 is Satisfaction
Search engines call it different things, but we know they both measure and reward satisfaction in very significant ways. In fact, I highly suspect satisfaction is one of Google’s most important metrics used to judge the performance of its own search results. Knowing how this works can help our own…
6 Marketing Trends to Jump on in 2023
The year of taking risks in marketing will be 2023. Your marketing staff will need to be prepared to adopt new approaches and ways of working. There are various paths your marketing efforts may go giv…
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8 Ways to Boost Content Shareability on Social Media Platforms To help you enhance the shareability of your content on social media, we’ve gathered insights from top executives and marketing professionals. From unleashing visuals and humor to personalizing your content, here are the nine invaluable…
Marketers fume as Google Ads’ customer service hits ‘all-time low’ | MarTech
Marketers say Google ad reps don’t seem to know much about services, can’t get routine problems corrected and use scare tactics to sell.
Reasons to Use Content Marketing in eCommerce
If you’re an eCommerce business owner, then you need to know what content marketing is & how it works. Check out our guide on how it’s done to perfection.
Leveraging AI: 6 Ways Freelancers Can Enhance Their Workflow
Leveraging AI: 6 Ways Freelancers Can Enhance Their Workflow As AI continues to revolutionize the freelance landscape, we asked CEOs, founders, and other professionals to share their experiences. From boosting productivity with AI-Language models to boosting creativity and organization with ChatGP…
40 Rebranding Announcement Email Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration in 2024)
Explore these incredible rebranding announcement email examples to illuminate and inspire you as you prepare to send your own rebranding message.
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Unlock best practices for conversion with our CRO guide. Boost website rates, amplify marketing, and refine UX. Convert smarter!
How A CEO’s Personal Brand Can Help Connect With Customers
As marketing becomes ever more digital, there are growing calls for companies to look for a human touch in seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition.
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To shed light on the most common SEO issues with Shopify stores, we’ve gathered insights from thirteen industry professionals, including SEO Consultants and
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The eCommerce industry is thriving more than ever.
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From leveraging HARO and Featured for link building to developing linkable assets for referral traffic, these experts share their most effective tactics for boosting your online presence.
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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023 - Search Engine Insight
Customers won’t accept conventional websites and marketing techniques anymore. They would prefer to communicate with a company that uses contemporary platforms and takes the time to understand their preferences. It can be difficult to pick the best digital marketing company. Make sure the agency is…
Do We Need a Metaverse?
Do We Need a Metaverse? To shed light on the ongoing debate about the necessity of a Metaverse, we’ve gathered insights from ten industry leaders, including Founders and CEOs. Their perspectives range from viewing the Metaverse as a gateway to limitless possibilities to considering it a premature pu…
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9 Effective Strategies For Seamless CRO And SEO Integration
Learn how the collaboration between CRO and SEO can enhance your online presence and convert traffic into valuable leads.
10 Marketing Tactics That Yielded Great Results For Startups - Startup Blogpost
From services that boosted growth to a gamified referral program that enhanced loyalty, here are marketing tactics that yielded great results for startups
Chat GPT vs. 40+ Experts: 2023 eComm & Retails predictions
What’s changing in eComm & Retail this year? What’s still working? Chat GPT vs. 40+ global experts answer in this ultimate 2023 prediction compilation.
All You Need to Know About Content Saturation (and How to Tackle It)
Over-saturation of content can kill your SEO efforts – learn how to make sure your content is fresh and relevant
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Dive into expert advice from top B2B newsletter creators. Discover their strategies, growth tactics, and secrets to keeping their audiences engaged and growing.
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60 bloggers, online marketers and social media experts share their Number 1 Growth Hacking Tip A writer needs a reader. A blogger needs an audience. Often, we have wonderful things to say about our chosen topic, but our audience is small. It can be disheartening to write fascinating articles and pos…
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When the economy is in the midst of a recession, how do you market your business? -
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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands have emerged as a new method to establish direct and meaningful relationships with consumers. D2C brands offer more control to the customers enhancing their shopping experience. Due to this, D2C brands have been growing in popu…
eCommerce SEO Mistakes: 6 Experts Share the Most Common Ones » Supple Digital Blog
The eCommerce industry is thriving more than ever.
Future Trends in App Development: 2023
In 2023, several trends in app development are anticipated. Whether they are used on a desktop, a mobile device, or both, apps have a significant impact on our lives today. Apps exist in a wide
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Find out what eCommerce innovations can help your business boost your ecommerce brand and what trends we can expect in 2023.
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Data is king in the realm of digital marketing. More customer information than ever before is available to businesses thanks to the expansion of social media and the internet. This information can be utilized to comprehend consumer behavior, preferences, and purchasing trends, enabling businesses to…
5 Ways Employers Can Succeed In Employee Retention:
A company’s biggest asset is its workforce. Despite this, keeping staff on board may be difficult for businesses. A variety of circumstances may cause this, so
Digital Marketing’s Future: Emerging Trends and Technologies
The Future of Digital Marketing: Emerging Trends and Technologies
Effective Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Store on a Budget | Andre Oentoro | NewsBreak Original
A great marketing plan should increase sales and reduce or eliminate cart abandonment. Effective marketing techniques encourage people to take in your message, get familiar with your brand, and finally buy from you. Reaching your target demographic and increasing revenue requires persistence and a v…
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Five Significant Elements Of A Marketing Plan For A Small Business - An article written by clairejack on Zupyak.com. Read more here!
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Benefits and Drawbacks of Starting an Online Store
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Serpstat is presenting their study on the changes in internet marketing caused by the crisis.
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The Rank Company interviews Bruce Clay, Larry Kim, Matt Janaway Daniel Foley, James Reynolds, Julian Goldie and Ryan Darani about The Future of SEO
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If you’re looking to build a conversational sales strategy that’s equal parts memorable as it is useful, then you’ve come to the right place.
Best marketing automation tools
32 marketing experts share their go-to marketing automation tools
3 Biggest Challenges of Managing Remote Teams in 2021
The truth of the matter is, remote work will always be a part of how we work from now onward. This presents unique challenges if you are a business leader and/or a manager.
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What Is Business Development? Full Definition, Guide & Tools
Our a handy and comprehensive business development guide aims to answer all your questions about the business development role and what it could mean for your business.
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Why do marketing decision makers at large brands undervalue SEO, and how does that affect their ability to drive revenue?
30+ Sales Practices To Follow In 2021
Doing what you can to sell more but feel like you’re banging your head against the wall? Customers listen patiently and then they go buy from the competition anyway? Are you struggling to increase profits, but at the end of the month it turns out again that you barely managed
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Looking to take your account-based marketing (ABM) efforts to the next level? Learn how to leverage social media to drive results with UnboundB2B - expert insights.
7 Features of eCommerce Website Design That Convert
Ever wonder what some of the most successful eCommerce websites do to generate consistent high revenues month after month? Well, for starters, they’ve got the fundamentals covered well. The other, their eCommerce website design is top notch! If some of the fundamental features don’t exist on your we…
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If you’re an eCommerce business owner, then you need to know what content marketing is & how it works. Check out our guide on how it’s done to perfection.
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21 tips for increasing client bookings at your spa, salon, or barbershop, and what to look out for in the year ahead.
7 Sales Prospecting Techniques to Win More Meetings
As sales reps, we need meetings in order to sell and close deals – and there’s nothing worse than not being able to win meetings in the first place. For some, it’s a numbers game. The more prospects contacted, the more meetings you’ll secure. But we think there’s a lot more to it.
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Learn how to personalize your marketing to make your eCommerce sales soar. Practical tips and lessons inside…
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Wondered how effective guest blogging can be towards boosting your website’s SEO? We’ll walk you through the tangible benefits of having a guest blogging strategy to drive traffic and leads.
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SEO undergoes several changes on a continuous basis, which is why it makes sense to try and understand what works and what doesn’t. If you’re looking for new ways to attract more traffic to your website, increase your business’s visibility, and rank better on SERPs, you may want to
How To Find Your Niche Online Without Costly Newbie Mistakes
The first step to ecommerce business success is finding your niche. This article gives a step by step guide on how to find a niche market. Also, I asked some experts what the biggest mistakes are that people make when choosing a niche.
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You may have heard that “SEO is dead.” Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself. The reality, however, is that SEO is far from dead!In a…
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A successful video marketing strategy it’s so much more than simply recording a video and uploading it on the Internet. From the right format to how you address
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In a year full of unfavorable events, there were many bright spots in the PR world. Here are the most impactful PR & marketing campaigns in 2020.
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Slow seasons happen to every store. We have contributions from experts to uncover the best ideas to help you get out of the doldrums.
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This is an expert roundup about growth hacking techniques. We asked 41 experts about their growth hacking strategies for 2018. Here’s what they answered.
3 Tried and Tested Customer Acquisition Strategies for Your Ecommerce Site
Do you want to acquire new customers for your eCommerce site? If yes, here are some tried and tested customer acquisition strategies for your eCommerce site.
MVP Development Services for Investment-Attractive Startups
We offer full-cycle MVP design and development services to build your product in up to 6 months. Test your product/market fit quickly and on a budget.
9 E-Commerce Conversion Tips to Boost Sales
Conversions are crucial for the success of any business. For e-commerce conversion, there are certain things you need to optimize. Here are 9 expert tips:
The Future of eCommerce: 8 Trends to Watch Out for in 2021
Are you ready for every new eCommerce trend in 2021? Start preparing now for next year’s newest trends and stay above the competition!
How to Optimize Your Website to Get a Blistering Page Load Speed - ‘corePHP’
(Image Source)
21 Ways for Creating a Website Structure That’s Optimized for SEO | Databox Blog
Search engines use your site structure to find, crawl, and rank content on your website. Here’s how you can build an SEO-friendly website structure that Google (and your users) love.
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How do you ensure that you’re publishing engaging content that is killing your competition and bringing you the returns? Here’s what you should do
How to Master Omnichannel Marketing in 2023 - Email and Internet Marketing Blog
Что такое омниканальный маркетинг, почему на него стоит обратить внимание и как отличить омниканальность от мультиканальности.
2 Easy Strategies To Increase Your Web Traffic With Print Marketing
With the advent of digital newspapers and magazines, and blog posts came much debate over the fate of print media — you know, how you used…
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users worldwide send 293 billion emails every day, there is an excellent chance that you can find your customers through emails. » Jason Fox Real Estate Marketing | Real Estate Websites
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Email marketing is your direct line to your customers, clients and audience. Here is why every small business should leverage their email marketing.
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9 Experts On Redesigning eCommerce Website For Mobile
It’s almost a given that traffic today is led by mobile than desktop. This makes your life a tad bit tougher as your eCommerce website must render well on mobile devices. Not only does it need to render well, but the user experience has to be customized to suit the smaller form factor if you want ……
How to Master Omnichannel Marketing in 2023 - Email and Internet Marketing Blog
Что такое омниканальный маркетинг, почему на него стоит обратить внимание и как отличить омниканальность от мультиканальности.
101 Experts Share their Top Link Building Techniques - Online Marketing Blog
If you thought link building was dead, think again. Before 2012 link building was a relatively straightforward affair. The more links you had pointed at your website, the higher your ranking in the search engines. That simple formula was crushed beneath the Google Penguin update of 2012. But link bu…
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OBox Mobile If you want to make your website appear flawless on mobile devices, you should embrace OBox Mobile. This simple plugin will help you make your WordPress site compatible with almost all mobile devices, regardless of their operating systems. The best thing about this plugin is that it does…
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It’s unfortunate but the simple truth is that most search agencies in Karachi are not doing the kind of work that could be regarded as “A” grade quality. I
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